The Royal College of General Practitioners has approximately 39,000 members in the UK and overseas, providing an essential frontline service to about a million patients per day.

Increasingly, the Royal College is seeking to address environmental criteria in training and support materials for its members, as it recognises the important contribution that GPs can make, and the key leadership role that GPs can play, as visible and influential members of our community.

A key focus for the RCGP environmental programme is to address the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the activities of General Practitioners.

In recognition of the importance of this issue, the RCGP has worked with environmental consultants Best Foot Forward to develop a tool and support materials to help GPs to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon emissions, bringing both environmental and financial benefits to their practices.

RCGP Footprinter is easy to use and provides rapid insight into the key areas of your carbon footprint.

If you've already got a licence for GP Footprint Reporter, this website will help you to make the most of the tool and understand, once you've measured your carbon footprint, resources and opportunities to begin reducing it. To get started on your carbon management journey, go to 'Where are we now?'

If you don't have a licence for GP Footprint Reporter, and would like to talk to the RCGP about accessing the software, contact Jagdeep Sahota by email: JSahota@rcgp.org.uk, or phone: 020 3188 7634.

How you can contribute ...

This website is designed to get you rapidly started on the path to measuring, monitoring and reducing your surgery's carbon footprint. We also welcome your input...we'd really like to hear about tips from GPs who have successfully used the software and case studies to add to the website.
  • You can contact the RCGP by email: JSahota@rcgp.org.uk, or phone: 020 3188 7634.

About the project partners

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