What are we going to do?

Once you have calculated your carbon footprint, and set targets for emissions reductions, the next step is to set some specific actions to achieve your targets.

The Campaign for Greener Healthcare's Sustainable Action Planning website provides some great free resources for the healthcare sector, which enable you to fully engage staff in the action planning process and get the best return for your effort.

Ideas to get you started

Best Foot Forward has compiled a list of useful resources for emissions reduction advice and assistance for each of the six key 'tabs' within the GP Footprint Reporter software.
Visit these pages to get some ideas for your emissions reduction strategy.

Get inspired

This podcast features interviews with the Campaign for Greener Healthcare's Tim Nicolson, the BMJ's Fiona Godlee and Paul Wilkinson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, outlining the role of healthcare with respect to climate change.

There's a video available below with contributions from a range of practices in Brighton and Hove, providing tips and practical suggestions.

Additionally, visit the 'where to get help' page to learn about further training and support opportunities.

The Campaign for Greener Healthcare's Sustainable Action Planning programme provides resources to help you make the transition from measurement to emissions reductions, including identifying appropriate targets for reduction.

Once you've developed and implemented your action plan, it's important to revisit GP Footprint Reporter and check your progress.