Where to get help

Campaign for Green Healthcare

A great place to start is with the Campaign for Greener Healthcare's website. Their Sustainable Action Planning programme provides great free resources to help you make the transition from measurement to emissions reductions, including identifying appropriate targets for reduction. Visit www.greenerhealthcare.org or call (0)1865 515811.

Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward are renowned sustainability experts, having delivered sustainability strategy, footprint
measurement, software and consultancy services to over 300 clients in the UK . We have considerable experience in helping the health sector to drive down its environmental impact, having worked with the NHS in the pioneering Material Health study in 2004, a range of PCTs, SHAs and Foundation Trusts, and sorked in the private sector with the likes of GSK.

Visit www.bestfootforward.com or call 01865 250 818 to learn more.

Resources on Health & Climate Change

Other Relevant Government and Advisory Bodies